Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Everyday Miracles

So, I will be honest.  I don't know what it is but I seem to be feeling kind of overwhelmed this Christmas.  I have been really having a hard time getting excited for Christmas (except for spending time with my family. . . I'm always stoked about that!) and this is really unusual for me.  And then it happened. . . . a string of tiny little miracles that have now completely changed my mood and are making me excited for Christmas.  I was worried about getting all of my shopping done and then my BFF called me up and said that she wanted to ditch her kids with her hubby and we are going to go to our 24 hour Walmart and Superstore and get those last gifts that I need to pick up as well as all of the groceries that I am going to need to get through Christmas.  It gave me the strength to actually get my butt out there and I will be shopping tonight at about 11 pm, so YAY for Miracle #1. 
I have been asked to volunteer at my kids' school tomorrow and Friday and I have been having the hardest time finding a babysitter for tomorrow and then all of a sudden my BFF said she could watch the boys in the morning and then a girl in my ward is going to swing by and pick them up to watch them in the afternoon. . . . Miracle #2. 
I am organizing a huge scrapbooking convention for April and I have been having a hard time finding some companies to come because of the economic slow down and then I talked to my mom and about 1/2 hour later we had enough companies to fill all of the class time slots . . . Miracle #3. 
We are taking the kids down to visit Otto's Mom and my Brother-in-law and his family this weekend and we are taking down some furniture for my Mother-in-Law for her Christmas present and I have been trying to figure out how to get us all down there without having to take 2 vehicles (I hate spending that much on gas) and to not have to squeeze us all in the truck illegally.  Then Miracle #4 happened. . . . my Brother-in-law called me and said that he was going to be in town on Friday morning and that he could bring up his trailer and we can put the couches on that and take them down so that we can all go down in the van.  He then planned a light sight-seeing expedition while we are down there, and then a play, as well as a family dinner, and a fun little get together with some people all to happen while we are down visiting.  I am now really excited about going down there.  I was kind of dreading it before (I just don't want to spend money any more) and now I am really looking forward to it.
So, maybe it's because Christmas is around the corner, or maybe it's because I am surrounded by awesome people, but I really feel grateful for all of my little everyday miracles that have been happening to me today.
Thanks everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009


My concert went really well.  I was quite happy with it.  Once Otto uploads the video onto the computer, I will post a link to it for all who are interested in watching it.  The circus video will be on there too.
I was just thinking about how things are starting to calm down right now.  It always seems to be that everything gets scheduled in the first half of December and then around the week before Christmas things start to calm down so that I have time to spend with my family.  The house is decorated, the chocolates are made, all the baking is done, shopping is pretty much finished, Christmas dinners are organized, piano recitals are done, Christmas music concert is an amazing success, and there is snow on the ground.  I just can't help but feel excited for Christmas.  We are going to be having 4 Christmas dinners this year.  One with Otto's Mom and her husband and my brother-in-law and his family.  One with Otto's Dad, his wife, my Brother-in-law and his family and my Sister-in-law and her family.  One with my Lee side and one with my Bennion side.  Then it will be family togetherness time in the hot hot sun!  I am really excited for Christmas to begin.  To me, the best part about Christmas is being able to spend time with my family.  The presents, good food and sunny times are just a bonus.  I would be just as happy without all of that if my family just hung out and spent time together, playing games, etc.
So bring on Christmas.  I just can't wait!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm Here

To my sister Jenna,
  I'm here.  I'm alive.  I'm busy organizing a musical concert for Sunday.  I will write more after that is over!  Life is CRAZY BUSY here right now.  I love you and will update you soon!