Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Fun Filled Day

Yesterday I got to go on a field trip with Abby. Alot of things went wrong in the morning, but they eventually got themselves worked out and we got to go to the science center. I had alot of fun with Abby and she really seemed to like having me there. I have never been able to volunteer at the schools very often because I have always had lots of young children at home, and my girls seem to have a hard time with that. So this year, I decided that I would make sure that I at least went on the field trips with them. I also happen to be the parent classroom volunteer coordinator for Anne's class, so I get to work a bit more with Anne's teacher. I realized that my kids were getting older and one day they won't want me to be as involved in their lives, so I had better do more now. I am so glad that I went with Abby because we did have a lot of fun, and it was so much fun to spend the day with just her. . . well, and 20 other kids that are in her class.
For Family Home Evening last night we carved all 6 of our pumpkins. . . . or rather, I carved them and the kids and Otto emptied them out and chose what they wanted on them. Abby chose a silhouetted cat, Anne chose the words "Trick or Treat" (in the hardest font I have ever carved but it looks awesome!!!), Caroline wanted a moon and stars, Dustin wanted 'Thomas the Tank Engine (I actually pulled it off and it looks soooo cool), I used a drill to make some cute stars and Otto has like a frankenstein looking pumpkin. . . I think he was jealous that I used his drill and so he had to use it too! It was alot of work, but we had fun and the pumpkins look great! I can't wait to see them on Halloween!!
Yesterday was a fun filled day! That's good because today seems to be. . . well . . . Tuesday. . . and I HATE Tuesdays because nothing ever goes right, and today is no exception!! Oh well, only 10 more hours until I get to go to sleep and then it will be HALLOWEEN!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Farm

This weekend we had a ward temple trip, and so we decided to spend the weekend at the family farm. I always love taking my kids there because they always have so much fun. We went to the temple on Friday night and had fun seeing Otto's brother Jason, his wife Lisa, and their 6 boys. Our kids always love playing with those boys.
On Saturday, we spent the day playing at the farm, petting the horses, playing with the baby kittens and going to the park with the longest slide that I have ever seen. We had a lot of fun and it was nice to spend the day there. At about 4 we went back to Otto's brother's house and Otto's mom and her husband came over and we had a nice family dinner of Costco Pizza. It was fun, and it was great to see Jason and Lisa again. One of the nice things about going there is that our kids each have a cousin to play with. I always feel bad, though, because their oldest son is 11 and he is way older than my kids, so when we go over there, he gets bored because he has no one to play with. Abby LOVES their second son Grant. In fact, when we called everyone up for dessert on Friday night, Abby and Grant were holding hands and arranging places to sit together. . . or rather Abby was organizing that. It was pretty hilarious and I had to make sure that Abby knew that she wasn't allowed to marry her cousin. . . as cool as he may be! There is Ammon who is really close to Anne's age and they play great together. This kid is a riot because he really likes to joke around and tease. That is right up my alley!! Then there is Tyler. We call him and Dustin. . . Double Trouble. Dustin just follows Tyler around and the two of them just get into constant trouble. . . they are going to have so much fun together as they get older. Jason and Lisa then capped off their children with a set of twins! Yep. . . she went from 4 to 6 boys . . . if there is anyone who can do it, she can. Lisa is amazing!
Today we decided that since we were close to it we would take the kids to the Crowsnest Pass and go and visit Otto's Grandmother Pierzchala. We don't often take the time to go and visit her and I was really glad that we did that this time. I don't know how many more times we will be able to see her before she dies. We took a little trip down nostalgia lane for Otto. . . I tried to keep the kids interested, but it only worked for so long! Then we went to Otto's favorite childhood restaurant in the Pass. . . Chris'. Otto loves the food there, and I think that it is mostly because it reminds him of his childhood because the food there is really not that great. On our way out, I told the kids to use the bathroom because we weren't stopping until we got to Calgary. They assured me that they found the bathrooms and that they could go by themselves. Well, I went into the bathrooms a couple of minutes later and the girls were nowhere to be found in the ladies washroom, but I could hear their voices. . . so I went towards the men's bathroom. . . which was labled 'Gents' I figured that the girlies had thought that it said girls so I called for them. As luck would have it, they were in there. I then proceeded to tell them that they were in the boy's bathroom and I have never seen them run so fast. After picking myself off of the floor from laughing so hard I helped them find the girls' bathroom. It was sure fun teasing them about that all the way home. I knew that I had to write it down so that I wouldn't forget it. . . . ahhhh kids. . . without them my life would be soooo boring!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well, it finally happened. It finally snowed last night. I was sure glad that I had all of the kids' winter things for them to wear to school today. That stressful day of shopping for everything sure paid off!!!
I guess that some would consider it snow while others of us would call it flying ice. It was REALLY painful to be out in the storm last night! The wind and the ice felt as though it was snowing glass. I was surprised that I didn't have any cuts on me when I got inside. . . but being pregnant, I did still send Otto out for my evening slurpee. . . .for some reason he got himself a hot chocolate. . . .wuss!!
As I was sitting in my Bonus Room watching the ice fly at my windows, I was mentally going through a checklist to make sure I had all of the candles and flashlights where I needed them and to make sure we had lots of extra blankets in case the power went out. I was glad that the kids were asleep because they would have been really freaking out. . . especially if the power went out. You see, last year on the night before Halloween we were supposed to have a couple of families over for a Halloween party. I was also supposed to cater the next day. Well, as luck would have it our power got cut at about 4 pm. Our house went dark and the kids started freaking out. Otto was at work and I couldn't get ahold of him and so I started to freak out myself. I called the power company and they informed me that it had been several months since I had paid my bill and so they had to cut off my power. I then (ummm we'll say politely) told them that I had, in fact, been paying my bill and that I had record of it coming out of my bank account. They said great! Fax it over to them. I then (again we will say politely) informed that that would be quite difficult since the confirmation was on my computer and the fax machine and computer both do not work without power. They said that I would have to figure it out. So I did!! I called my parents (who were also having my grandparents stay with them for a few days), quickly explained the situation and asked them if I could bring the kids over for a sleepover because I didn't have any power and the kids were quite unsettled. My parents said yes (of course) and then I started to leave for their house when Otto showed up. I told him to get into the car and when he protested I just yelled, "GET IN!!" As we drove, I informed Otto about what was happening and then he proceeded to question me about how the electric company wouldn't have received our payments if I had made them. I informed him (ummm. . . politely) that I couldn't really figure it out in the car so it would have to wait until we got to my parent's house. He then asked about the Halloween party and I informed him that I had already called all of the families and canceled the party. . . . I'll bet that you can imagine how well that went over with the kids. They did eventually get excited about sleeping over at Nana's house. They didn't think it was very fun to sit in the dark and be quiet while Mommy made a whole bunch of phone calls and packed up all of their stuff. By the time I got to my parents' house, I was a wreck.
Well, I eventually got everything sorted out with the electric company and my Grandma Bennion helped me cook all of the food for the event that I had to cater for the next day. I had to pull and all-nighter and my sweet grandma stayed up with me until 2 am and then did the dishes for me the next morning (she is a saint!!! What can I say?) and it all got done with 10 minutes to spare. So we got to go home for Halloween and everything turned out fine.
The only problem now is that whenever there is a power outage (it has happened about 2 or 3 times) the kids always freak out and ask me why I didn't pay the electric bill. As much as I love them, I always tell them (well. . . politely) that I had paid the electric bill last time and it wasn't my fault that the electric company cut the power. I sure do love the kids, and I do feel bad that they got so scared, and every time there is bad weather or a power outage, I always think back to that day before Halloween 2006 and think about how grateful I am that we made it through that mess!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Activity Days

I have the BEST calling in the whole wide world!! I am the Activity Days leader for the older girls in our ward. We have 25 girls in Activity Days and we generally don't seperate them into their age groups. The ladies that I work with in this calling are amazing and I love working with them.
Tonight we are having a Daddy/Daughter Fall Festival for our Halloween party. I am in charge of it and I have had a busy week so I haven't really been able to work on it until last night and this morning. We are having a dinner (we start at 5:30 and so we figure that the dads will be racing to get to the church so we decided to feed them) which will be pumpkin chili in a bread bowl with caesar salad. I know that pumpkin chili sounds weird, but it is my FAVORITE!!! It is also really healthy and a little bit sweet and spicy. . . . a combination which I LOVE! We are then playing the mummy wrap relay race where the dads will have to completely cover their child in toilet paper from head to toe! After that we are having a donut eating contest where everyone will have to eat hanging donuts without the use of their hands. We are finishing off the evening with a cute little halloween riddle game and dessert. By the time everyone goes home they will be full of food and hopefully they will have had fun.
I love working with this age group of girls. I can't wait until my girls are this age so that they can go to Activity Days. Abby will be able to come up in April and I hope that I still have this calling at that time. I remember when my mom was my Merry Miss leader and I have used some of the activities that we did when she was my leader with these girls. The only part that I am not that appreciative of is the fact that right now my house smells like delicious pumpkin chili and I can't eat any of it because it is not done. . . and because I should probably save some for the girls!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Am I the only one or are Tuesdays the hardest days of the week? I always seem to sleep horribly on Monday nights and so my Tuesdays I am usually groggy and cranky. Today I just seem to feel as though I am not on top of anything. . . . but yesterday I thought that everything was wonderful and great. . . crazy!!!
Today I had another doctor's appointment but this time it was the OBGYN. I am glad that I am in that clinic because they really give you alot of attention. We couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat AGAIN (so far I am 4 for 4) and instead of me having to schedule yet another ultrasound and drive all the way across the city, I was able to sit there as they wheeled in their own ultrasound machine so that we could just take a quick look right there. That machine was a dinosaur. . . I seriously think it was made in the 60's but it worked and it saved me about 2 hours today.
This afternoon Dustin and I went to Costco. There is the CUTEST santa there that climbs up a ladder with christmas lights. I HAD to get it. Every time we go there all the kids want to do is go and see the Santa. I can't get anything done until we see him. I am so excited to try and figure out a spot to put him. Also, I am trying to find some angel ornaments because I want to do an Angel Christmas tree in memory of my little Robin. . . if anyone knows where I can get some, I would really appreciate it!!
Tonight Abby is going to accompany me to a Salt City Candle party. I love that she is old enough to come with me to things like this. It makes it a really nice evening when I can spend time with her and enjoy it without having all of the other crazy monkies around!!! I have to teach piano today so we are going to be going after my last piano lesson, which will keep her up past her bedtime, but I don't think that she will complain much!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The new me!!

On Saturday, I went and chopped off all of my hair and dyed it a totally different color! Yep, I am not even lying!!! I was feeling like a FRUMPY old pregnant woman and I was acting like a FRUMPY old pregnant woman and so I called up my very talented cousin (who I ALWAYS get to do my hair) and she fit me in on Saturday. As the hair came a tumbling down, my self-esteem shot up. Now I feel like the good old Megan that I used to be. I know that my siblings think that I am ancient, but I am only 28, and now I only feel 28.
After getting my hair done, I went shopping at IKEA to continue to get things to organize my house. Several hundred dollars later I had things to organize closets, bedrooms, kitchen cabinets, the laundry room, a new bed for Caroline, and the cool hanging chairs for my big girls. So I have spent today cleaning and organizing the house. It is amazing how rewarding it is to be able to find a spot to put everything and not just have things laying around the house!!! I can't wait until I can get everything I want to get for the house and get this thing set up the way that I want it. I never had the chance to do that in the old house, so I never really made it a home. THAT WILL NOT BE THE CASE WITH THIS HOUSE!!!! I am going to hang pictures and find knick knacks if it kills me!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Me and My BIG Mouth

Okay, so I do Friday Forum at the Institute, and generally speaking, I do love doing it. I get to help out the Institute and I get to see all the University Students and be so grateful that I do not have to be there every day. I love the spirit that is in that building, and seeing all of the guys and girls flirting with each other. I also love getting the gossip on who is dating who and who is engaged. It is kinda fun.
Well, last week it was kind of stressful to get the food there on time, and Dustin was sick and so I was a bit grumpy. I usually know that when I am grumpy to speak as little as possible because I usually end up hurting people's feelings. Well, last week there was this boy and I think that he is a lot of fun, and he is a great kid. I have known 3 of his brothers and they are all fun! Well, he wanted to get his meal for free, so he was told that in order to do that, he would have to help out with the dishes. I was really grateful because there is usually only me and 1 or two other girls doing dishes afterwards. The problem was, he just couldn't stop going on and on about how much hard work it was and how he really didn't want to be there because he wanted to play ping pong with his brother. He also kept on complaining that the dishes were too big and we needed to not have to wash them. I didn't say anything for what seemed like FOREVER. . . and then, I couldn't take it any more and so I finally said,"You know what. . . I am sorry, but I have no sympathy for you. What you don't understand is that I have been up since 7:00 this morning making your lunch with a sick baby. While I was doing that I got to do the dishes twice and then I got to load all of the food into my car by myself. After that, I got to drop off my sick kid at the babysitter's house and then drive to the Institute where I got to unload my car, prep the food, and set out the food. I now get to do the dishes with you and then when I go home, I get to unload everything from my car and clean up my kitchen one more time. . . . so I really don't understand where you are coming from." I KNEW I shouldn't have said it, and I knew that it was mean, but as I said, I always end up hurting someone's feelings when I am grumpy.
Today, after Friday Forum, the Institute director asked why this boy wasn't helping do the dishes and the girl that was with me told him that he decided not to do them today and he paid his $3 instead. I immediately knew why he had done that, and I felt like such a moron. I wanted to apologize to him, but I couldn't find him, so now I am going to feel guilty for another week. To make matters worse, I jokingly said to the girl, "Oh, I scared him off did I?" Well, she turned red, and avoided eye contact and just stood there . . . .AKWARD!!!!! I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE SAID SOMETHING.
I will make him a special treat next week and hopefully we can call a truce . . . . so if I ever tell you that I am grumpy. . . that is code for "I am not responsible for what comes out of my mouth!"

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween Tag

Okay. . . now this is going to be an adventure!! I have just barely started my blog, and my Aunt Christie goes ahead and tags me. . . . actually it sounds kinda fun, so here goes!!!

The rules - answer the questions and tag 5 friends :) Happy Halloween!!!

What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?
I have to say that my absolutely most favorite costume in the whole wide world was my Minnie Mouse costume!!! This thing was AMAZING!!! My extremely talented grandmother sewed it for me, but you have to see this head!! It was like 2 feet taller than my actual head and stuffed. . . complete with bow and all!! It also had the token red and white polka dot dress with white gloves and these slip on covers for my shoes to make them look exactly like Minnie's. I have no idea how long it took my grandma to make that costume, but I LOVED IT!!!!! No one has EVER had as costume as cool as that one was!!
What was your least favorite Halloween costume as a child?
One year my mom made me be a clown because she found the costume for cheap at Walmart. . . it even had a hoop in the middle, so I couldn't sit down on anything because my hoop would hit me in the face! Oh yes, and I also had the matching rainbow wig!
What was your favorite Halloween candy as a kid? Is it still your favorite?
Okay, so I think that I must be the weirdest kid around, but candy really has never been my thing. I used to collect my Halloween treats and put them in a box and then use them throughout the year to bribe my younger siblings into doing things for me. . . come to think of it, I do still do that to this day, except that I buy the candy now!
How old were you when you stopped trick-or-treating? Do you miss it?
I was 12 when I went for the last time. . . I would have been allowed to go for one more year, but the New Kids on the Block were playing a concert on Halloween and my mom let me choose whether to go watch the concert or go trick or treating for the last time. After that year, my job was to hand out candy, and my mom would just buy me a whole bag of twix bars (which I then saved and used as bribes as stated above!!). I have never really missed it. I actually enjoy staying in my nice, warm house and giving out the candies so that I can see all of the cute costumes on all of the neighborhood kids.
What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
I saw, My Boyfriend's Back when I was like 9. I wasn't allowed to watch scary movies because I have always had a vivid imagination, but I went to my friend's house and we watched it without my parents knowing. . . I was afraid to leave the house after that.
And - have you ever dressed up in "matching" halloween costumes with your date? What were they????
2 years ago for a ward party we had an adult party and we met at someone's house. We had to be dressed in costumes, and Otto wasn't too keen on that. So we went as a Camper and S'more. . . . Otto was the camper, of course, and I got to be the S'more (see, even my costumes are food related). It was pretty fun, and Otto liked that he didn't really have to dress up, although he wanted to go as a football player and a cheerleader (I didn't think a cheerleader outfit would be that flattering on him, since I obviously wasn't going to wear it!!)

Okay, now since I am new to this whole thing, and I have no other blogger friends except for my dear aunt, I am going to tag the following people to participate in facebook!! Jenna, Amanda, Kristin, Jamie and Michelle. . . tag. . . you're it!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The house

Well, today was an exciting day for us because we FINALLY got our driveway poured. The bad news is that I won't be able to drive on it for a month, but at least the kids will stop tripping on the rebar. That has been a huge hassle!! Well, that and the fact that Dustin thought that the sand on the driveway was his own personal sandbox. . . to make matters worse, we just happen to be keeping his sand toys in the garage, so he has gotten out his shovel on several occasions and happily played in the dirt on several occasions. . . . and you know what? I let him!! It was the only way I could carry in all of the groceries without worrying about him running onto the street!!!!! What a good mom am I hey??
Some other really exciting news for me is that starting yesterday evening, I have really been able to feel this baby move. Little Lee seems to be as active as his big brother. I am so grateful for this because I was starting to wonder what was going on in there. Even though I can feel him moving all around, I am still completely nervous because I had thought that I could feel Robin move too, even when they had induced labour to get her out, I still had that little bit of hope that they had been wrong, but unfortunately, they weren't.
Also today, Caroline and I made some spiders and ghosts to decorate our house with for Halloween. I don't generally like to decorate my house with crafts, but it seems as though I make an exception when it comes to holidays. It was really fun playing with all of the glue!! The only problem was that Caroline kept on getting mad at me because I couldn't make the ghosts look like girls!! Do you know how hard it is to make a girl ghost????
Well, tonight I think that I am going to start looking at blinds. I mean, we really need them (I am sure that all of the people driving by behind our house enjoy the view when I am changing!!) and we can afford them, so I might as well get them! Oh and speaking about getting things for the house, I have been thinking that maybe I should have just ordered me up one of those self-cleaning houses. . . . it seems as though I still have to clean this house because it doesn't clean itself. . . . I knew this house was defective!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

She has always been special to me.

Caroline has been attending a Fantastic preschool called Renfrew Educational Services. This is a specialized school where they mix children with special needs with regular children. Because of this there are 6 childcare workers in each class, along with a teacher, a physio therapist, a speech therapist, and a child pschylogist. There are also 15 kids in the class. So the child to adult ratio is awesome. We had put our kids in this preschool because we wanted them to always be comfortable around people who may be disabled in some way, whether it was physical or mental.
Anne went through this program and one of her best friends was born without legs. By the end of the school year, Anne kinda wished that she didn't have legs and she loved playing with Hailey. Our goal was achieved because Anne doesn't even notice when people around her have disabilities. She is able to see past that and see the real person inside of them.
Because Anne did so well at that school, we decided to put Caroline in the same program. Caroline is extremely shy and so last year it was so incredible to watch her blossom and learn to interact with other children. One of the reasons I believe that Caroline is so shy is because when she speaks it is really hard to understand her. I am her mother and I rarely understand what Caroline is trying to say. Well, they also noticed this at the school and so they asked me if Susan, the speech pathologist could assess her. I, of course, gave my consent and so they assessed her several times. It turns out that Caroline is severely underdeveloped in her announciation of words and that her vocabulary is moderately undeveloped. Because of this she now qualifies to be put into their special needs program. This means that Susan will work with her every day, at school, to help her with her speech. She will also be assigned her own personal child development specialist who will come to the house every other week to help me work with her at home and her schooling will be subsidized by the government, so that will save us about $200/month.
It was hard for me to hear that my little Caroline was a special needs student, but it means that she will be getting extra help. I think that this will be good for her and in a couple of years no one will ever remember that she had problems with her speech.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bittersweet Day

Today has been a bittersweet day for me. Today is the Worldwide Remembrance Day for Stillborn Babies. It is also the 5 month anniversary of the day that I had my angel baby, Robin Jean Comin. Having our little stillborn baby has changed my family's life. I have learned alot of things about myself after having her. I have learned that I truly do have a testimony of the gospel and I am no longer scared of death. I have learned that I truly do love children, especially babies, and that I find so much joy in being around them. A lot of women who have had stillborn babies cannot be around pregnant women and infants. I find that whenever I see a pregnant woman, that I am extremely excited for her and I am very nervous for the people that I love as they get close to their due dates because I have come to realize what a miracle giving birth is.

Today I went for my ultrasound and we found out that we are having a boy!! YAY!! We are so excited that Dustin will have a little brother, and it was VERY obvious in the ultrasound that this was a boy baby. We got a CD with pictures on it so that we can look at our little baby. When Otto picked up the girls from the bus stop, he told them the exciting news. When they got home, I thought that they would be acting soooo excited, but Abby didn't look to enthused. When I asked her why she wasn't excited, she burst into tears and said that she missed Robin. It broke my heart because I know exactly how she is feeling. I miss Robin too. Especially today because we got to see our new baby. It is so exciting, but it also drives home the fact that we are missing a baby that we should have had in August.

Tonight for Family Home Evening, we are going to have a cheese fondue and eat it by candlelight at 7 pm to commemorate the worldwide day of rememberance of stillborn babies. We are going to talk about our dear little Robin, and we plan on helping the kids get excited about our new baby. We have decided to name him Lee Douglas James Comin. We are so excited to have him join our family, but we are all nervous because we really don't want anything to go wrong.

Oh yes, and for those of you who are in suspense, Jason got a new puppy and named it Maximus something something something (you will have to ask him!!!) but I call him MAX. He is so tiny that he fits in one hand. He is 10 weeks old and he is a yorkie, chiuaua mix (please overlook the spelling of that last breed, I have never been able to spell it properly).

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Is he really getting better?

Dustin has been sick for the past couple of days. He had been acting as though he felt better until last night. He decided that sleep would be optional last night, and unfortunately Otto and I were not the ones who got to choose whether or not we got to sleep! We tried everything!!! Finally, Dustin decided to go to sleep. . . .only to have Caroline come into our room 2 or 3 times. . . I kinda lost count after the first time because I sent her over to her daddy!! (Yay for Otto!!!)
So today we have been reaping the rewards of our fabulous night and we are all tired, and cranky. For some reason I think that Dustin must be getting better because all he does is cry. . . or is it that he is getting worse?? He doesn't have a fever any more, but that doesn't mean he isn't still sick. Otto, Caroline and Dustin all got to stay at home from church today to "rest", but coming home, I think that I was the one who actually got the break. My poor son hasn't stopped crying since I walked in the door. Maybe if I feed him something he will stop crying.
On a brighter note, today at church they were talking about missionary stories and ways that the kids could do missionary work. It made me remember about 6 months ago when the kids learned about giving away Books of Mormon to others. They were taught that they should share the Book of Mormon with somebody that they loved. At the end of the lesson, they were each given a Book of Mormon and challenged to give it to someone that they loved alot and that they think would want to become a member of the church. Abby took that to heart, and that night she walked right up to my Grandma Lee and gave her a Book of Mormon and told her that it was from our church and that if she read it that my Grandmother could learn about Jesus. It was probably the most adorable thing I have ever seen. . . even though Grandma Lee is a member of the church. I was so proud of her.
Well, in this whole time that I have been writing, Dustin STILL hasn't stopped crying. . . I had better go see if I can help in some way!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Chores

I remember growing up and claiming that I would NEVER make MY kids do Saturday chores!!! They were a waste of time and I HATED doing them. Well now I am older (and wiser of course) and after a morning of fighting with my kids to bring down their laundry, clean up their rooms and the nursary and get ready for ballet, I am waiting for the day when my kids tell me that when they grow up THEIR kids will NEVER have Saturday chores!! So, there you go mom. . . you were right all along! The only problem is that now I have MORE Saturday chores than I did when I was a kid. . . is that really fair?
I guess that the good part about being the mom is that afterwards I got to go to Costco and buy a new freezer! ( Thanks Grandma for the housewarming gift!!) While I was there, I also got to buy a bunch of piano and singing books for really cheap!!!!! I love to sing and play the piano and so I was sooooo excited to get these books. I even got a Disney one to use with my kids. While I was at Costco, I got to see my brother Jason and his wife Suzanne and the new addition to their family (no it is not a baby). The kids loved it and their new addition is sooooo cute!! Congratulations you guys!! We are so excited for you!!
Now that we are home, it is back to unpacking, laundry and moving in the new freezer. That sucker is 25 cubic feet. . . I can't wait to fill it!!!! I kinda wish that things were more exciting around here, but they aren't at the moment. Wait. . . on Monday I go for my 18 week ultrasound with this baby. I am pretty excited about that, but it really drives home the fact that I have been pregnant for almost an entire year. . . .how depressing. Oh well, as long as everything looks good at the ultrasound I will be happy and not complain about how long I have been pregnant. . . too much.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Miracle

Today is Friday. That means that I did Friday Forum at the Institute of Religion. Friday Forum is where University students pay to come and have a lunch (made by me) and listen to a guest speaker. It seems that every Friday something goes very wrong at my house while I am cooking the meal, but when the time comes for me to load everything into the car, it all seems to be cooked and ready to go.
I am constantly amazed at how everything always seems to come together and taste so good every Friday. To me, this is a confirmation that this is what the Lord wants me to do. I truly believe that my family is blessed because I make this food for these 60 University students every week. I always get told that I am crazy for doing this when I am not getting paid to do it, but I really love being able to help people out. I am not the world's best cleaner, and I don't really have the time to babysit other people's kids, but if I can help people out by making them food, I feel as though I have been successful.
My Great-Grandma Bennion used to complain because it said in my Great-Grandpa's patriarchial blessing that no one would ever leave his house feeling hungry. She thought it should have been put into her blessing since she was the one doing all of the work. For some reason, I feel as though that mantel has been passed onto me. People never leave my house feeling hungry, and if I know that someone is needing a bit of extra attention I always love to bring them a little something to eat. It may not be the best thing for their waistline, but if I ever show up at someone's doorstep with some food, I am never turned away. . . . hmmmm. . . I guess that food can't be all that bad right?

Thursday, October 11, 2007


This is my first time writing on this blog. I decided that I had better start keeping some sort of journal so that my kids will know about what their life was like when they were young. I figure that I spend so much time on the computer that this would be a great way to keep a record. My aunt has a blog and she is really good at posting on it and she is an excellent writer. I was not blessed with that talent. . . but I do have others, so I guess that it's all fair. It actually would be easier if I could just sing my life, or bake it into a pie, but even though I do use food and music to express my feelings, for some reason they are not the most common forms of communication.
As I sit here listening to my 6 year old practise the piano, I can't help but feel blessed to be able to have the children that I do have. My Abby is playing with her brother and sisters who totally adore her. My Anne is practising the piano and loving it!! My Caroline is watching cartoons with her big sister and secretly wishing that she could be a princess like the one on t.v. and my little Dustin is just lying there watching t.v. This is an unusual occurance as he is actually extremely active and NEVER sits still. I guess that the fact that he has a really high fever is what is causing him to be so docile.
My husband is at work, working hard so that we can enjoy this beautiful home that we just bought, and here I am. . . writing on the computer about my life. I guess that all in all, my life is good. . . now I just need to go and enjoy it!!