Friday, February 25, 2011


Every time I work at my mom's store, I dream about all of the things I could do with the flowers in the Prima section.  Today, I took the afternoon and actually did some of them.  Check it out:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

I can't even tell you how many times I have heard that Valentine's Day is a completely commercial day made up by card companies, chocolate companies, and florists.  I HATE it when people say that because to me, because to me, Valentine's Day is so much more.
How can you hate a day that is set aside just to celebrate love?
It doesn't have to be love for a lover or a spouse, but just LOVE in general.
I always spend Valentine's Day trying to show the people that I love most how much I love them.  It is truly my mission on Valentine's Day to have my kids go to bed feeling as though they are the most loved people in the world and to show my Big Guy how much I love him. 
I sometimes think that the world is becoming too cynical and that people are starting to get too busy to stop and celebrate the small, every day wonders and joys of life.  Why not spend a day to stop and smell the roses?  Why not show the people that you love most how much you love them?  Why not celebrate Valentine's Day?
I don't know. . . . . what are your thoughts???

Thursday, February 10, 2011


All of my life I have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  This past week I have discovered why.
When Otto had his old job, he used to drive Abby and her friend to school because it was on the way to his office and it is an hour long bus ride for Abby if she has to take the bus.  That would mean that she would have to get on the bus before 7 am, and Otto and I are just not ready for that yet.  When Otto got this new job it didn't become possible for him to drive her to school, so myself and the mother of the other girl decided that we would switch weeks and carpool the girls to school.
Because this means that I now have to wake up earlier to get everyone ready for school earlier and take Abby to school and the other kids to the bus, I decided that it might be a good idea to eat breakfast together and I would make them breakfast every day.  This week we have had hot breakfasts (because it is so cold outside) every day, but that won't always be the case.
I have to say that I am LOVING this family breakfast thing!  I get the chance to sit down and visit with the kiddies before we have to get ready for school.  We talk about our plans for the day and what we hope to accomplish.  I know that if we keep doing this that it will help strengthen our family relationships.  I think that this will especially be important as the girls become teenagers and we get busier and busier in the evenings.
To me, that makes breakfast the most important meal of the day!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mars and Venus

Sometimes it is really apparent to me that men must come from Mars and women must come from Venus!  The way that we communicate is very different. . . . at least it is with Otto and I.  Let me give you an example. . .
I just got my hair done and I told Otto via text:
OTTO:  How's the hair appointment going?
ME:  It was great
ME: (Sent him a picture)
OTTO:  Awesome

Life went on that day and we chatted a couple of times.  Usually Otto comments on my hair right away and I was getting kind of nervous that I hadn't heard anything from him. . . . so I mentioned it.  As soon as I mentioned that Otto hadn't said anything about my hair, his eyes got really wide and he got really defensive telling me that he had already told me how much he liked my hair.  When I told him that he hadn't, he whipped out his cell phone and showed me the above conversation.
I saw that conversation as him saying that he was glad that I liked my hair and he thought that he had completely complimented me on my hair without ever seeing it.  Even though it was just a cute, little miscommunication, it really reopened my eyes on how different the two of us are in our communicating and how I just need to remember his way and that it is so different from my own.
Sometimes it really does seem like we are on two different planets :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dealing with it

So, my life is still going at 100 miles an hour, but I am finally able to start dealing with things.  I have been able to help my friends who had the baby who died and that has really helped me deal with my own issues regarding Robin.  I was able to edit some photos for their baby's funeral and that was a very healing process for me.  I think that because I was finally able to confront my issues, I have been able to heal a bit more and move on.  This has made it easier for me to interact with people and to start to get my life in order.  Another thing that has helped is that Otto is working at a fantastic job now and so it takes a lot of the financial burden off of me.  I don't have to stress about money anymore and I have been able to cut back on my hours at the Store and insert some more FUN things into my life.
As some of you know, my little family has a weekly ritual of Family Fun Night and Family Home Evening.  These two things are different from each other as our Family Home Evening usually consists of a Family Meeting with some sort of teaching Incorporated into it.  We do everything from plan for emergency situations to talking about issues that our family is dealing with.  For Family Fun Night, we just go out once a week and do something fun as a family!  This week we did it last night.  We took the kiddies to this cute little restaurant called Diner Deluxe.  The kiddies all ordered Cream Soda floats for their drinks and we were able to have some FUN and modern diner food.  It is probably the only time that my kiddies will be able to eat breakfast foods for dinner while I am around because I am totally against that!  It was fun and the food was good and it made me so happy that I finally have the time to just play with my kiddies.  I have really missed being their mom over the past couple of months and it feels so good to be back!
So, I am dealing with things. . . . I am starting to find some sort of order to my chaos. . . . things aren't perfect yet, but they are coming along!