Monday, January 21, 2008

My Boy.

As I keep getting closer to having this next baby, I have been thinking more and more about why I love my kiddies. I hope to take the time to write about each of them, and so I have decided to start with Dustin. Right now he is at a very fun age (2) where he is trying a whole bunch of new things. I really want him to know what I love about him at this age, so please bear with me!
- Favorite Color: ORANGE
- Favorite Toy: Thomas the Tank Engine
- Favorite TV Show: Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Dora
- Favorite Pasttime: Breaking things and "fixing" them, doing puzzles, watching his sisters play on the computer, cuddling with "Mama"
- Favorite Characters: Mickey Mouse, Thomas, Dora, Bob the Builder, and "Winnie the Poop"
- Favorite Food: Chicken and fries
- Favorite Snack: Anything that can be found in the pantry, from chips, to lunch snacks to flour and sugar
- Favorite Book: The Monster at the End of This Book (It's mommy's favorite too!!)
- Precious Moments: Dustin LOVES his Mama!! He always wants to be around me.
When you sing the "Clean up" song from Barney, Dustin will clean as long as you keep singing and point out things to pick up. . . .if you are patient enough, he can clean an entire room!
Dustin will just randomly burst out into song (he also gets that from his Mama!!)
Dustin loves to tease his sisters.
Dustin is VERY particular about things. If something is not done in what he thinks is the proper order, he freaks out. He also likes for things to be in straight lines and they always have to be put back in their spots. (I LOVE this about him)
Dustin HATES to be outside in the cold.
Dustin is nervous in water. However he loves baths.
Dustin loves people, especially if his Mama is there.
Dustin can "Shake and Bake"
Dustin loves to take off his pants
Dustin loves his Nana and Papa and Auntie Manda and Uncle Jason's dog "Mac" (His name is really Max, but not according to Dustin).

I am very excited to watch my little boy grow up. I am very interested in the type of man that he will become. I told Otto that we need to make sure that we put him in sports because right now he really just likes music, electronics and "fixing" things, so we need to make him a little more rounded. Thinking about these things makes me so grateful that I am his mom.


Anonymous said...

auntie manda and uncle jasons dog....
gross insest.....
chhhblahh (that was me throwing up in my mouth)

mum2brady said...

Jenna - you gotta learn how to spell girlie - that's incest LOLOLOL

It does kinda look like that LOL Megan writes like me - as the thoughts roll out of her head ;) It's perfect ;)