Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sweet Caroline

My Sweet, Cheeky Caroline. Today it is her turn to be written about. Right now she is 4 years old. I love her cheekiness and how she loves to tease people. She has problems with her speech (which she is getting help with through specialists at her school), and I think that that is what makes her such a character!
- Favorite Color: PINK
- Favorite Toy: Dora Computer Game
- Favorite TV Show: Dora, The Little Mermaid, Bugs Bunny
- Favorite Pasttime: Playing on the computer, playing dress-up, playing with Dustin, copying her big sisters
- Favorite Characters: Dora, Ariel, Littlest Pet Shops, and Strawberry Shortcake
- Favorite Food: Chicken and fries
- Favorite Snack: She will eat just about anything (she gets this from her daddy!!)
- Favorite Book: Whatever Abby reads to her
- Precious Moments: Caroline LOVES to help Mommy cook. Ever since she was a baby, if I was cooking something, she had to be right there (on the counter) "helping" me. She can whip whipping cream by herself and she can make her own caesar salad.
Caroline loves Dora. Her bedroom is Dora and most of her toys are Dora.
Caroline loves to negociate. If she wants to do something and you tell her "NO", she will try and come up with a compromise. Because I love this so much, I usually agree with her compromises.
Caroline will NOT wear matching PJ's. They CANNOT coordinate in any way, shape or form!!
Caroline has accepted the fact that her Uncle Jason now calls her "Monster". She used to tell him "Uncle Jason, me no like you call me monser".
Caroline loves her Uncle Jason. She thinks he is soooo coool. (Maybe because he likes to tease too!)
Caroline is VERY strong willed (this is not always a good thing).
Caroline has 2 best friends Deidre and Mulani.
Caroline LOVES strawberry shortcake and dollies.
Caroline is so excited to have baby Lee come and she prays every night for baby Lee to come out of Mommy's tummy.

My labor and delivery with Caroline was the worst experience of my life. However, I could not imagine my life without her. She adds a dimension to our family that I love. She makes us not take ourselves so seriously, and because Otto got to spend so much time with her right after she was born, they have a special bond that is so wonderful to watch.


Anonymous said...

"me no like it when you call me monster" haha I miss her saying that! soo cute
can i throw in my fav caroline story!
Sunday Dinner, we're waiting to get our food, and the girls are going to be eating at the island, and before anne gets there caroline runs up... pulls her chair away to hide it, and then runs back and sits on her own chair, with the hugest grin on her face!!!!!
that would probably be the moment I realized how funny this kid is going to be!!!!

The Mom said...

She is such a character Megs - love her!!!