Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Okay, so here's the story. When I read the "anonymous" post from a concerned family member about safety, I was quite shocked that someone from my family would make such a comment without actually talking to me or telling me who they were. So, I did respond to that comment as well as blogging about safety (which most of you read). After doing that, my husband came into the room and said, "did you read the comment I posted??" I just about threw something at him for being so frustrating! He was just fooling around and had actually made a comment on my blog and it had to be obnoxious!! So, for all of you out there who commented on my blog, thank you. . . and my husband thanks you. . . and if any of you want to send him cheeky remarks on his facebook account, be my guest!
So today is Tuesday. . . I normally HATE Tuesdays, and I am a bit nervous about this one. I have a doctor's appointment at 10 and they should be telling me when we are going to schedule the C-Section. I am also nervous because I was supposed to get the diabetes test done, and I have not been able to do it with Dustin around all of the time. I hope I don't get in trouble for that. Whenever I go to the doctor they say that my baby is big, but in the ultrasounds they say that he is normal size and that my uterus is just big. Which I think is probably due to the fact that I got pregnant one month after Robin was born, so it hadn't had time to completely shrink after her. I guess that I will find out more today.
Also, I am nervous because in about 6 minutes, the registration for Camp Croppin' will begin and I am nervous that things might not go as smoothly as I would like!! Hopefully everything will go okay and our website will not crash and everyone who wants to get into the camp will be able to, but there are never any guarantees. . . . especially when you are dealing with the Internet!!
Well, that's it for now, but I will keep everyone posted as to the birth date of this little man.
Here's wishing all of you a Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Definatly Keep my posted
i expect a phone call
or at least a facebook message
also... let me know how camp croppin goes, I don't think i'll ever be invited to come with you guys untill i'm married, sadness
well Happy Tuesday
-Jenna....... (talia)

Michelle said...

I thought it was pretty weird that the comment was anonymous. Like, how are you supposed to do anything about it if the person won't tell you who they are? That Otto sure has a funny sense of humor! :)

Jamie said...

Ha ha ha - that is hilarious. That is SO something Jason would do!

Lahni said...

Megan, I laughed so hard i cried. Hilarious. But don't tell Otto I said that. I'd have been so annoyed!