Monday, February 9, 2009

Always go with your gut!

This is something that I have learned since becoming a mom almost 9 years ago. I am a big believer of following your instincts and going with your gut. As a mom I do this all the time, and it has taught me several things, made me laugh, saved my kids etc.
Last night it happened again . . . . take a read!
Here let me set the scene. . .
I walk upstairs because the kids are supposed to be getting into bed so that they can read for 1/2 an hour before bed. Caroline and Dustin are in the hallway and Dustin is crying and grabbing at Caroline. They are both in their PJ's and Dustin is holding a small board book and Caroline is holding a stuffed bear.
Megan: Hey you two! What's going on?
Caroline: Dustin is mad at me because he thinks that I have a blue book.
Megan: Dustin, you already have a book, now stop grabbing at Caroline. (All of a sudden I feel as though I need to take another look at this scene.)
After another quick look at the two of them I remember that Dustin is actually quite smart and that Caroline is sure squeezing that bear tightly.
Megan: Caroline, DO you have Dustin's book?
Caroline: No! I don't know what he is talking about
Megan: What are you hiding under your bear???
Caroline (eyes really wide and looking totally guilty): Well, its Dustin's book, but I really wanted to read it.

LOL! That kid is hilarious! She totally tried to make Dustin look like the villan when she was the one who was teasing him. See. . . you never know what you'll discover if you just follow your gut!


Ashley Dawn said...

Oh, SOOOO true. I've had SO many times where that happens.
Oh, and thanks for the advice with the teacher. I talked to her today and the problem is solved.

Jamie said...

LOL - sounds like Nate!

Anonymous said...

I freakin love caroline....
she's going to be trouble as a teenager... you can jsut refer her to me!